I am planing on personal stock sale soon..(starting before october..!!)
This is one of post card sample. How do you guys like so far??


Valentines Day DMMD Charms are up for preorder on storenvy!

Absolutely none of you are nearly as excited about this as I am. These charms have been a labor of love, but they’re finally ready!!

You can buy them individually, or as a set!

They’re 2 inch acrylic charms, printed on white plastic with a much thicker sheet of clear plastic on top, for quality and protection.

I know sei and mizuki and ren dont sell well, but ohana means family and all that.

Get them on store envy!

god bless her artwork :-))

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Comming soon Aoba.

Little Poster project that might be going to be on sale :/

Its still on the progress…(Finger Crossing)