I’m pretty open minder for all dmmd official couples.. so..


School AU

Teacher Koujaku X Student Aoba comic…???


yes.. let see how that going

P.S. The shop is currently open now..!! and please check them out!!


cyberpunkdreamland asked:

Hi, I saw those postcards of Aoba, Nouz and Clear, and I was wondering if you're also gonna do Koujaku? He's my fave ♡


My original plan for this postcard project was makes all of characters in the Dmmd, including, Ren, Koujaku, Mink, Virus, Trip, etc. However I found only one problems that make me can’t afford to makes all character postcards at once.

Apparently, A budget in my saturation is not affordable to makes all characters post cards, but when the budget gain enough to prints more postcards, I’m willing to print them out for people who loves other character in Dmmd.

I’m truly sorry that I couldn’t afford myself to makes other character postcards, But when times and budget comes to right moment, I would gladly move my ass up to make them best I can. 

*Finger crossing that entire postcard project would be completed before November*

I will do my best and thank you for ask me such a great question. 
Please feel free to ask me if you have more question. 


Something Cliche :/..
I just want to see a mink reaction when Aoba tell him a surprise.. LOL